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Czech Republic, European Union

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International Free Zone – Security Bonded Warehouse – established by the Czech Ministry of Foreign trade, based on the resolution of the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Czech Republic, resolution Nr. 2459/10-1722/91 from the day of 12. 9. 1991

is authorized for depositing commodities and confirming their deposit by issuance of warrants. International Free Zone, Security Bonded Warehouse is authorized to issue warrants – governmental securities according to the Community Customs Codex, Czech Business Kodex Nr. 308/2006 Sb. with the latest ammendments § 528, Securities Act 191/1950 Sb. with the latest amendments. These warrants do apply strictly to the terms and conditions of the establisher, it means government – government manages, regules and takes responsibility as well based on these acts and legal provisions mentioned bellow:

According to the European Union Law – Customs code adopted in November 2001, Czech Business Kodex Nr. 308/2006 Sb. with the latest ammendments § 528, Securities Act 191/1950 Sb. with the latest ammendments.

According to the above mentioned the International Free Zone is licensed and authorized for depositing commodities under the strict customs control. It means under the supervision of Ministry of Finance, Custom services of the Czech Republic as well as of the international customs services – WCO World Customs Organisation, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium on which the international customs codex applies. International Free Zone and its security bonded warehouse is also authorized, to issue Warrants based on the legislative mentioned above. Commodities are deposited In secured sectores, that are monitorized by the customs on the daily basis according to the highest security regulations and international ISO norms. Hereby the goods is obliged to stay on this deposit during the whole warrant prescribed period what is strictly controlled by the governmental officers.


Entire supply of goods according to Incoterms 2000, DDU, DDP for Russia and Ukraine.