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U Bulhara 3
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic, European Union

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“Incentives and Advantages”

  • International Free Zone Graddo (IFZ) offers a wide range of tax and customs incentives within the unique package of services provided for companies carrying export, import, re-export, production, readjustment or warehousing activities between European Union and third countries.
  • IFZ services provided allow its clients to hold recognizable financial funds savings, goods taxes and customs optimization or export tax exemption implementation.
  • IFZ is number one in providing full package services: advisory services, relevant information concerning the trading, legal regulations, customs and taxes in direct cooperation with regulatory institutions.
  • IFZ operates under the direct auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and Russian Embassy in close cooperation with SVSOK Chamber of Commerce, Czech Trade and Czech Invest state institutions.

Fiscal incentives / tax and customs optimization / International Tax planning solution
Financial funds saving
Consolidation / deconsolidation of product lines
Express import / export / re-export procedures
Transportation / logistic / spedition / commerce / stocking / production
readjustment /assembly / disassembly / packing / repacking / labeling

Indoor and Outdoor fully secured storage facilities under the customs control
Security Bonded Warehouse services
Commodities and valuables storage, securities issuance and confirmation
Warrants issuance (according to the EU Customs code adopted in November 2001, Czech Business Kodex Nr. 308/2006 Sb. with the latest ammendments § 528, Securities Act 191/1950 Sb. with the latest amendments )
Proven experience – International Commerce and Legal counseling
Processing of customs documentation / representation
Formation and structuring of international companies

Trading / financing / investment implementation assistance
Business partners facilitation
IBSSA Security and commercial screening


Entire supply of goods according to Incoterms 2000, DDU, DDP for Russia and Ukraine.